Friday, June 12, 2009

World Domination?

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So if you know me you know i love love love love love (ima stop now bc this could go on) Lil Wayne. & no im no groupie or bopper on tha bandwagon im talkin he was my boyfriend since Cash Money ruled the scene w/Hot Boyz. When Wayne dropped with The Block is Hot i was too pressed ab tha nu cutie on tha scene! (sidebar: tha 90s was full of cutie pie rappers....WUT HAPPENED?! anyways...) I remember in high school right b4 The Carter II dropped me and my friends went to see him. Tickets were like $40 i think and it was him, Mike Jones, and some gogo bands (TCB, CCB & some i 4get) and seating was GENERAL ADMISSION!!!! So like i said i've been a go hard fan (and girlfriend n my own mind lls). Lately however, i feel like i dont even know who he is anymore and i feel a breakup comming on =( Two girls preg w/due dates within the same month eh idk. i dont support tomfoolery so i gotta bounce. but really tho is he tryna build his own lil martian army and take over the world. Thats four kids, (not bad considering BUT) tha last three are only months apart! stay talkin about how "we are not the same [he is] a martian" and how he's "always strapped" and "i got army guns". not to mention that nina, mac, and ak-47's are his friends as mentioned n plenty of his verses lol. so all this time we been jammin 2 his songs and he's been sayin "welcome to wayne's world" was that our warning? idk jus a few thoughts tha stemmed from a convo w/tha bestie...wut yall think?