Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enough Already in the Name of OBAMA!!

Alright fold im sounding off! 1st off let me just say that i voted and i love our president. He's an admirable man. But at the end of the day he is just a man. He cant be held responsible for every indicidual action within the U.S. He vowed to inspire "hope" and "change" and i feel like that he did. I'm tired of hearing "how u gonna [insert action here] Obama's president?!" People are going to be who they are regardless. They been sagging pants, spittin obsenities and committing crimes regardless of what tha big picture is. I'm also tired of people asking "has anything really changed?" NEWSFLASH: u cant fix 8 yrs of stuff within a little over 100 days smh. There's an order of operatio thta even the president has to go through. Laws and policies take time to change people know that yet they think Obama was jus supposed to introduce a utopia on November 5th. What those nay sayers need to be asking is what have i done to help bring about change in my own world. People are using his name as a crutch instead of an inspiring stepping stone and i think its unfortunate. And STOP PUTTIN DAT MANS NAME ON EVERTHING!!! Barack-O-Barbeque Rub and other ghetto, corny and tacky creations. I've seen that man on a pair of air forces come on now he's the president not a rapper. All i know is there betta not be any type of sounthern dance move named after him!!! we gotta draw tha line somewhere smh.....but hey....this is jus anotha piece of madness i think about from time 2 time....
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