Thursday, April 29, 2010


ok i REALLY shouldnt b laughin bc drug counseling is an avenue of social work that i hope to do 1 day but its not the content that's funny...anyways the magic happens @ 1:01...then tha guy rewinds it bc apparently he thought it was as funny as i did...& then rickey smiley had the nerve 2 put autotune 2 it HA!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

life's test

aight real vent...i feel as tho im constantly being tested lately...not even on an attitudinal basis but on some real life always given hard facts & situations & expected to function like everything is kool...usually good at rollin with tha punches but when u cant duck em all it gets hard...2 years ago i lost my best friend who was much more like my family not figuratively speaking...we spent majority of our time together: work, home & leisure time n when we werent together we were on tha phone or fb that time i said i wouldnt make it but God's grace, mercy and favor has carried me thus far...i still have random moments where i completely melt down but i feel as tho i deserve tha cleanse...i rarely ever react in front of ppl bc my misery does not love company...i also feel as tho ppl look 2 me 4 strength so 2 break someone else down aint my style...anyways i just got news 2day that her father committed suicide & quite honestly i was sad, angry, confused, jealous and many other emotions all at once. Sad and angry because i feel like i lost a part of my friend all over again...confused bc it came so left field and jealous bc he gets 2 b with her while tha rest of us r stuck here dreamin ab that day...anyways i say that 2 say this...many ppl say im so happy & full of life and some envy that but wut they dont c is tha work i go thru mentally 2 put myself here physically...b4 u get mad n think i have it like that kno that not 4 one minute would u want 2 try on my shoes & walk...not sayin i hav tha worst in tha world but just cherish ur position 4 what it is...God will never put u n a situation u cant handle be happy where u r

Monday, April 26, 2010

its my blog i'll cry if i want 2

currently approaching the finale of my undergrad career @ Morgan. a lot of good. some bad. plenty of meltdowns. plenty of tears. plenty of friendships. plenty of memories. i COULD elaborate. i MYTE elaborate. but @ a later date =] still obsessed


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selling Used Undies is NOT Illegal

ok watching this is absolutely disgusting! but its a must see ladies stores like vickies, macys, bloomingdales etc.

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Terry Crews on some Coon Shyt

ok wholetime i have a crazy sense of humor i enjoyed tha old spice commercials this year but Terry Crews took tha cake with these joints