Tuesday, July 21, 2009

u go boi!!

aight so bet...since dis chris brown & rihanna shyt went down i been blown w/how ppl treated tha situation. i luv tha both of them plus ima pretty rational person so ppl's reactions had me stuck. 1: there's two sides to every story 2: he's not tha 1st guy to ever hit a woman 3: that's their situation not anybody elses. "i cant blieve he would do somethin like dat"...whole time u dont kno dat man!!! u dont kno wut he's capable of. then "i cant blieve she would go bak w/him"...once again u dont kno her life!!! if she not phased then y r u?! im really pleased w/his apology however i fell like shyt he aint hit me or a family memeber so that fact dat he had 2 publicly apologize 2 tha world was bogus. as long as he's xpressed dat rihanna & her camp he dont owe nobody else shyt. NUFF SAID

Friday, July 10, 2009


kinda sux how all good things come 2 an end....oh well no real in depth thoughts i wanna lay out or nuthin 4real jus a lil bit of vent...cant blieve its ova...cant blieve im actually ok w/dat...actually yes i can there's more 2 life & shyt actually used 2 stuff not workin out but no regrets i learned alot ab myself...#1 dat i CAN b n a relationship...#2 dat i MYTE wanna get married (1 day no time soon but @least its an option now)...dont really feel like it was a waste of time it was jus kind of a space filler...glad its urly july & i got my summer bak!!!!...ur def gonna miss me...NO MORE SUPERHEROS!!!!!! jus not anymore...that's all i got =/