Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twits Beware!

Plenty of social networking sites. ima member of many. twitter seems 2 b a lil more relaxed ppl say some real wreckless thangs but its all n good fun ya kno. but there r some consequences aparently. a Guatelmalan man was arrested for his 96 character tweet! hahahahahahhaha..OH MY BAD but here's the tweet: "First concrete action should be take cash out of Banrural and bankrupt the bank of the corrupt." they said it undermined public trust...BULL!!!! so he was let out on bail but why is he facing a 5 year sentance smh. DONT SAY i DiDNT WARN YALL!!!! ((btw follow me: B_Flyy_))

Hopeless or Wreckless

k so im flippin thru tha paper and i see the headline "Poll: Many Teens Feel HOpless" so i read on 2 see "15% of teens think they're goin 2 die at a young age." someresearcher said teens engage in risky behavior because they feel less is at stake NOT because they think they're invisible 2 harm. idk how i feel ab these findings tho. even when shyt is bleh im content n my reply 2 "how u doin?" is "eh...cant complain" because i kno my life aint perfect but its mine n dats jus enuff 4 me hmph!!!

Wake Up!

aight so last week was a very odd week. 1 of those joints that came out of tha left field. they say deaths com in threes but it jus seem like i little bit of extra was tagged on. The metro 9, farrah, michael and bill shocked everyone with their departures. with michal i feel like it was the death of an eera. he was a larger than life icon. his name embodied so much more. But anayways last week was a warning to some1...get ya life ryte! and they say death is comin so as i always say "...act accordingly."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

get more 4 ya money smh

s0o0o0o0o0 i walk n2 tha train station 2 go 2 work dis mornin, like i always do, n there's a train comin, like there usually is, and it causes a breeze n tha station, like it normally does, so as im walkin down tha steps this breeze attacks my skirt & iT BL0WS UP!!!!!! im talkin marilyn monroe style & u kno mornin commutes hav crazy amounts of i showed a good number of the metropolitan area workforce my flyy ass LiTERALLY!!!! oh well @least i had on drawz lls

Saturday, June 20, 2009


so i got my tix 2 c drake wayne soulja boy n jeezy aug. 7th @ nissan pavilion (tix on sale now go cop em) got em 2 days urly (cuz im xclusive) n tha seats r AMAZiNG!!!! mayb he'll ((wayne)) c me, realize wut he missin & we can get bak 2getha =]
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c dat lil grey dot?! aproximately that will b me!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Been waitin on this folks! so since Mike Vick was released im like 'why is everybody jockin?!" He was released March 25th and tha paps (paparazzi) followed him all tha way back 2 VA and was all n his biz. Dis cat (hahaha no pun intended) did the crime and the time so drop it. & b4 yall start huffin n puffin about me bn "insensitive" lemmie jus say that ima HUGE animal lover. Have three dogs of my own, live on a farm and wanted to be a veterinarian. I also have a "nephew" who is a pitbull by the name of Max who i love dearly. But its not my place to judge Mike Vick period. So this man volutarily surrendered and recieved 2 charges, one count each of unlawfully torturing and kililng dogs and promoting dog fights. So besides everybody treatin tha man like a serial killer, they talkin about his future in football. Get real! this charge had nothin to do with his talent n im not excusing his behavior i jus think it was a bit of bad judgement on his part. So as im skimmin thru tha paper i see "Fla. Teen Accused of Mutilating Cats" immediate i said "post!" Tyler Weinman,18 year old white male, charged with 19 felony counts of animal cruelty, 19 misdemeanor counts of improperly disposing of an animal body, 19 AND 4 counts of burglary related to cat deaths. Now he did not surrender but was arrested at a party. Clearly this is much more severe and account and i highly doubt it'll obtain as much attention as did the aforementioned case. Smh so is it there a difference between cats and dogs, african american and caucation, famous and uknown...or did i really need 2 ask???

Friday, June 12, 2009

World Domination?

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So if you know me you know i love love love love love (ima stop now bc this could go on) Lil Wayne. & no im no groupie or bopper on tha bandwagon im talkin he was my boyfriend since Cash Money ruled the scene w/Hot Boyz. When Wayne dropped with The Block is Hot i was too pressed ab tha nu cutie on tha scene! (sidebar: tha 90s was full of cutie pie rappers....WUT HAPPENED?! anyways...) I remember in high school right b4 The Carter II dropped me and my friends went to see him. Tickets were like $40 i think and it was him, Mike Jones, and some gogo bands (TCB, CCB & some i 4get) and seating was GENERAL ADMISSION!!!! So like i said i've been a go hard fan (and girlfriend n my own mind lls). Lately however, i feel like i dont even know who he is anymore and i feel a breakup comming on =( Two girls preg w/due dates within the same month eh idk. i dont support tomfoolery so i gotta bounce. but really tho is he tryna build his own lil martian army and take over the world. Thats four kids, (not bad considering BUT) tha last three are only months apart! stay talkin about how "we are not the same [he is] a martian" and how he's "always strapped" and "i got army guns". not to mention that nina, mac, and ak-47's are his friends as mentioned n plenty of his verses lol. so all this time we been jammin 2 his songs and he's been sayin "welcome to wayne's world" was that our warning? idk jus a few thoughts tha stemmed from a convo w/tha bestie...wut yall think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cook coke crack DEALER?!

High school football coach and his mans killed a coke dealer to avoid paying a debt. Ok kool wutever kill or be killed i get it kinda. But see here's where it gets crazy...after they shot him in the back THEY CHOPPED HIM UP AND COOKED HIM!!!!! y0o0o where they do dat at?! wasnt tryin to get caught at all went 2 desperate measures. i just wonder wut they were gonna do with it had they not have gotten caught....idk just gives a different meaning to cook coke crack lls

Enough Already in the Name of OBAMA!!

Alright fold im sounding off! 1st off let me just say that i voted and i love our president. He's an admirable man. But at the end of the day he is just a man. He cant be held responsible for every indicidual action within the U.S. He vowed to inspire "hope" and "change" and i feel like that he did. I'm tired of hearing "how u gonna [insert action here] Obama's president?!" People are going to be who they are regardless. They been sagging pants, spittin obsenities and committing crimes regardless of what tha big picture is. I'm also tired of people asking "has anything really changed?" NEWSFLASH: u cant fix 8 yrs of stuff within a little over 100 days smh. There's an order of operatio thta even the president has to go through. Laws and policies take time to change people know that yet they think Obama was jus supposed to introduce a utopia on November 5th. What those nay sayers need to be asking is what have i done to help bring about change in my own world. People are using his name as a crutch instead of an inspiring stepping stone and i think its unfortunate. And STOP PUTTIN DAT MANS NAME ON EVERTHING!!! Barack-O-Barbeque Rub and other ghetto, corny and tacky creations. I've seen that man on a pair of air forces come on now he's the president not a rapper. All i know is there betta not be any type of sounthern dance move named after him!!! we gotta draw tha line somewhere smh.....but hey....this is jus anotha piece of madness i think about from time 2 time....
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Eye for an Eye?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ok people here it is. We all know abortion is just one of those "iT" topics. No matter what there's always some type of debate about it. Consequently everyone has an opinion about it as well. BUT to kill a doctor who provides late term abortions is absolutely out of control. On top of that to shoot him on a Sunday while he was ushering is ridiculous! Dr. George Tiller was murdered in the lobby of his house of worship in Witchita, Kans. The man had been shot twice before and his clinic bombed by protestors and anti abortion groups. What people fail to realize is that we are not responsible for righting wrongs. And who are we to even say what wrong is. Doctors take an oath to aid in providing care to ailing individuals. So why crucify a person for performing their professional obligation?! And for those using religion as a foundation for their extreme views and actions i note that
1: Thou shalt not kill (Ex. 20:13)
2: Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For the same way you duge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Mt 7: 1-3)
3: no sin is more sinful than the next they are all viewed the same
4: regardless of any transgressions we serve a forgiving God and lucky for us all

So regardless of your position just remember to be open minded or atleast not so tunnel visioned to sanction such acts.