Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hopeless or Wreckless

k so im flippin thru tha paper and i see the headline "Poll: Many Teens Feel HOpless" so i read on 2 see "15% of teens think they're goin 2 die at a young age." someresearcher said teens engage in risky behavior because they feel less is at stake NOT because they think they're invisible 2 harm. idk how i feel ab these findings tho. even when shyt is bleh im content n my reply 2 "how u doin?" is "eh...cant complain" because i kno my life aint perfect but its mine n dats jus enuff 4 me hmph!!!


SheedOutChea said...

its sad but its true. Its been like that for awhile if you look at most kids now they prob have lost at least 2 friends so most kids r scared but come to realization that it could happen anytime