Friday, May 29, 2009

He missed me wit all dat.....

So everyone was talkin ab this crazy clip featurin Spectacular of Pretty Ricky. At first i wasnt sure what the hell was goin on but i finally peeped n WTF!!!! I honestly dont understand what would make him do this. People jus wont learn smh makin a fool of themselves for fame. None of this was attractive it was actually disturbin dat he kinda was rollin betta den me or any of my friends lls! It was also very weird how he called out chris brown, omarion and bow wow and was lookin all seductive @ tha camera...was that a subliminal?! Man look moral of tha story is unless you're soulja clips will not boost your career it will do the opposite.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

[untitled: joint about who's 2 blame]

so its always he did this
n then the he did that.
n this 1 aint shyt
n then that 1 was wack.
n this 1 is cute
n that 1 is flyy.
n this 1 is a liar
n that y?
its always somethin wrong
some crazy situation
dis 1 moves 2 fat
n with that 1 im jus waitin
i like this 1
but i miss that 1
this 1 is borin
n that 1 is fun
cant make up my mind
dont kno wut im lookin 4 so who knows wut i'll find
blamin both the nu and old
for the B that you c.
but mayb, jus mayb
i should take a look at me.

[untitled: joint ab choosin a guy]

thought i wanted a guy like you
but i also thought i wanted 1 like him.
truth is guess im not so sure.
the circle must b my favorite shap
i tend 2 travel n those quite often.
althought i walk n a forward direction
i do so lookin backwards.
not so smart, i kno,
but my pattern of travel none the less.
1 day i'll get it right,
knowin wut i want & wut i like.
but until then i'll go on crossin off wut i dont,
its funner this way!

[untitled: reflection]

in need of some peace.
searchin 4 somethin
just dont kno what.
wanting everythang
yet nuthin, all at the same time.
yeah, that sounds nice right now.
in so much distress
yet still i smile.
i dont kno how or why.
mayb its faith or hope,
4 tha future u kno.
the thought that it'll b ok.
the belief that it'll work itself out.
a beautiful catastrophe.
a peaceful storm.
i usually jus call it my life

Friday, May 15, 2009

[untitled: joint ab an old relationship]

flash bak.
ima kid again, about 13.
crazy in luv.
cised liiiiike,
jus 2 c u.
callin 4 any little thing,
jus 2 hear u.
im sprung, boi u got me
BUT im still me.
so im fakin hard,
but low key u kno.
shyt, how could u not.
fast forward 6 years.
dayum, already?!
still feelin tha same way.
ha! i cant believe it.
no butterflies but its somethin betta
im relaxed, at ease.
not a dream, but reality.
still some drama but i got dat.
workin on dis future thang
while payin close attention 2 tha past.
hmm mayb 2 much attention.
funny how bak then i wanted 2 b older,
guess i thought i would feel different.
but now, with you, 13 is 19, go figure.

Too Far?

ok look i kno everybody has something 2 say about kyle but get real xtra or not dis dude had a point. 1st off let me start by sayin HELL YEAH i LAUGHED!!! i dont hav no drama of my own so i luv otha people's. BUT anyways everybody wants 2 jump at him and say he's wrong, fact of the matter is kay had a point but tha way she went about it justified his reaction. 1st off she should have corrected him on the bus when it all started instead of lettin it rock. her next chance 2 make it ryte was 2 say yeah i ate ur ribs so what?! cuz ol gurl was talkin mad shyt when she was eatin em. rule numba 1: if u gon do somethin OWN iT! den he asked her "did u eat them" she said no. now she str8 up lied so she wrong twice. so afta everythang went down n he blu up she still had a chance 2 get bad. she was goin off n tha confessional but she put dat dayum money n tha microwave in less den 10 mins LLS!!!!! jus dont get it dey b so mad @ him thinkin he run tha house but nobody puts him n his place so dey deserve to suffer from his tantrums point blank period...

& i digress it gave me a good laugh & made 4 good tv...mission accomplished i guess

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st dosage of madness

hmm didnt kno where to start so i decided i'd jus got off the the cotton balls were very angry about the meatballs not catching the bus smh i say since moses parted the red sea whats the big deal. guess it never really mattered anyway since peguins are doing the stanky legg. some dancers they are they forgot to take the refrigerator out of the oven, rookies! then the tomatoes of all people had the nerve to hitchhike through the cool whip. i dont kno how they managed because the pillows had a hard time inflating the alarm clock. extension cords are living the life as tree stomps find their roots. if the textbooks fly too high they will surely get an oil change. aw well we all deserve a piece of shoestring. easter eggs are on their way to apply foundation. and with tires are against the ironing boards and i jus dont kno wut tha world is coming to. guess we'll neva kno as long as the pencils keep singin for equal rights