Saturday, May 16, 2009

[untitled: joint about who's 2 blame]

so its always he did this
n then the he did that.
n this 1 aint shyt
n then that 1 was wack.
n this 1 is cute
n that 1 is flyy.
n this 1 is a liar
n that y?
its always somethin wrong
some crazy situation
dis 1 moves 2 fat
n with that 1 im jus waitin
i like this 1
but i miss that 1
this 1 is borin
n that 1 is fun
cant make up my mind
dont kno wut im lookin 4 so who knows wut i'll find
blamin both the nu and old
for the B that you c.
but mayb, jus mayb
i should take a look at me.