Friday, May 15, 2009

Too Far?

ok look i kno everybody has something 2 say about kyle but get real xtra or not dis dude had a point. 1st off let me start by sayin HELL YEAH i LAUGHED!!! i dont hav no drama of my own so i luv otha people's. BUT anyways everybody wants 2 jump at him and say he's wrong, fact of the matter is kay had a point but tha way she went about it justified his reaction. 1st off she should have corrected him on the bus when it all started instead of lettin it rock. her next chance 2 make it ryte was 2 say yeah i ate ur ribs so what?! cuz ol gurl was talkin mad shyt when she was eatin em. rule numba 1: if u gon do somethin OWN iT! den he asked her "did u eat them" she said no. now she str8 up lied so she wrong twice. so afta everythang went down n he blu up she still had a chance 2 get bad. she was goin off n tha confessional but she put dat dayum money n tha microwave in less den 10 mins LLS!!!!! jus dont get it dey b so mad @ him thinkin he run tha house but nobody puts him n his place so dey deserve to suffer from his tantrums point blank period...

& i digress it gave me a good laugh & made 4 good tv...mission accomplished i guess


Anonymous said...

i swear college hill is something else