Tuesday, July 21, 2009

u go boi!!

aight so bet...since dis chris brown & rihanna shyt went down i been blown w/how ppl treated tha situation. i luv tha both of them plus ima pretty rational person so ppl's reactions had me stuck. 1: there's two sides to every story 2: he's not tha 1st guy to ever hit a woman 3: that's their situation not anybody elses. "i cant blieve he would do somethin like dat"...whole time u dont kno dat man!!! u dont kno wut he's capable of. then "i cant blieve she would go bak w/him"...once again u dont kno her life!!! if she not phased then y r u?! im really pleased w/his apology however i fell like shyt he aint hit me or a family memeber so that fact dat he had 2 publicly apologize 2 tha world was bogus. as long as he's xpressed dat rihanna & her camp he dont owe nobody else shyt. NUFF SAID


ShanSoPink said...

I don't know Bridget I can't really totally agree. You are right it really is anyone else's business but theirs but when you are famous you have to understand that everyone's nose is in your life and people look up to you. I just seriously have a problem when I think about how many kids and young people look up to these two and then to see something like this happen makes me really sad.

I can forgive people for making mistakes but I'm hesitant to brush off what he did to that girl because first of all it's not like he hit her once he F'd her up!! He started hitting and didn't stop until she got really hurt! Granted maybe they were actually fighting, maybe she banged herself up against the car trying to get away from him-we don't know. But whatever happened it's not easily forgettable for me.

His apology seemed...ehhh...sincere I guess...I'm still not convinced though. I'm sure he is sorry that it became this huge media thing, that's got to be embarrassing but some of it just seemed iffy to me.

...and her decision to stay with him it's totally her choice and it sucks that so many people have publicly expressed disagreement with her for this. It's one thing to have your friends and fam mad at you like if it happened to one of us but to have the whole world judging you is not cool! I just pray she made the right decision and they are both trying to get themselves together.