Friday, June 25, 2010

NBA Draft 2010

not gonna lie this is my 1st time watching the draft. i understand & enjoy the game but not 2 interested in the politics behind it. & since i actually got back n2 college ball this season i knu a good amount of the picks. anyways i got a good dosage of eye candy last nyte. speakin of eye candy John Wall comin 2 tha wizards ((hope he's not anotha kwame brown disappointment)) he wont b our savior but he'll get ppl back n2 tha verizon center and thats a start. & i was xcited 2 c DeMarcus Cousins go 2 sacramento. that squad that started up in '98 ((vlade, weber, stojackovic, divac, jackson, bibby, tukoglu, christie, bibby)) THAT WAS MY TEAM! haven't had a favorite team since them i would love 2 go back. anyways in tru gurl fashion... look @ tha bait!